updated-> June 23rd  2017

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F*Death: Now Available in the Store:

   The F*Death solid resin cast sculpture, with a removable third eye/yonic ‘pleasure sleeve’- is now available for purchase through the store.  This piece is 4.5”x 4”x 3” ( 11.43 x 10.16 x 7.62 cm) and weighs just over 4lbs.  It is currently available in Red or White.  You can pick one up HERE.

-Sept 14th 2016

fine art sculptures for sale | modern art with skulls

Time the eraser : *New* video & work :


    Time the eraser : destroying art while skydiving and painting -part of a new series of work entitled TIME.  View the video below and explore some of the behind the scenes footage within this 16 page update ---> HERE.

-Sept 16th 2016

Time the Eraser : destroying art while skydiving and painting - 2016


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skydivemag.com logo uk skydive magazine

    Recently had the pleasure of speaking to Lesley Gale, the editor of Skydivemag.com.  You can read the write up HERE and check out a lot more skydiving content from this independent worldwide online publication based in the UK via their website.

-Nov 1st 2016

Skydivemag online skydive magazine world wide publication

    My current project ‘Time the Eraser’ is featured in the November WebNews Nr. 99 issue of the Italian skydive magazine 90percent.  You can read the article HERE and view more skydiving content via the 90percent website through the logo link above.

-Nov 9th 2016

90 percent italian skydive magazine, vexedart, vedi djokich
skydive magazine wing suit glider, italian world record, 90 percent european magazine

    The November issue of USPA’s Parachutist Magazine is now out and features a little write up of Time the Eraser : destroying art while skydiving and painting.  You can view the piece HERE.

-Nov 15th 2016

Skydive Magazine USPA Parachutist Magazine skydive painting art | canopy crew |
Parachutist magazine USPA skydive magazine based in the USA
Resin Art, sculptures cast in resin

Birth & Death : New Sculpture:

   Finished off a new two piece sculpture entitled ‘Birth & Death’. Decided to post some photos of my work flow, from the drawing, sculpting, mold making, and casting process of this piece.  As with all of my work, the original design tends to shift as time goes by.  This method of continuously reworking the piece definitely makes it challenging to reach the end!  You can view those pictures along with the final sculpture HERE

-Jan 19th 2017


vexedart now on Etsy:

   Vexedart is now on Etsy.  Stop by the new shop now and save $75 off any purchase by using the discount code: ‘SAVE75’ on check out.  Offer expires March 10th 2017. 

Visit the new shop HERE

-Feb 23rd 2017

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   It’s been a while since I’ve updated the PHOTO section of this site. So I decided to curate a new page dedicated to portraits that I’ve snapped during the last few years.  This page will be updated weekly so stop by and see what is new. You can view the portrait page HERE

-March 21st - April 19th 2017

portraiture pictures of people and faces

Desert life:

  Just returned from shooting another project in the desert and wanted to share a few pics from the trip.  Will be updating the site with a lot more content shortly, so keep an eye out.  For now you can view a few of my dusty desert snaps  HERE

-June 15th 2017

steel wool fire painting long exposure photography

Size references:

  It is pretty difficult to visually understand scale online without any references in the photo alongside my art work.  So I wanted to include a few pictures of a standard two seater couch and lamp as a size reference...READ MORE

-June 23rd 2017

stiletto art with stag beetle insect