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Lipstick Spray Can: 3 colors

    The new Lipstick Spray Can sculpture is available in 3 colours.  Wanted to post a picture of all 3 of them together to give you a better perspective.  Click HERE to view.

-Jan 17th 2016

spray paint art, graffiti sculptures

Dirty Show 17:

    The Dirty Show opens this Friday Feb 12th in Detroit, MI and runs until Feb 20th 2016.  A few of my pieces will be on display there, so drop in if you are close by.  For more information you can view the show poster HERE.

-Feb 10th 2016

detoit dirty show an erotic art exhibition, fetish art from international artists

More sculpture process pictures:

    Just finished making the mold and creating a few casts of my new sculpture.  Will be posting some pictures of the final piece soon, but in the meantime you can view some more process pictures HERE.

-March 15th 2016

pencil drawing of a human skull surreal graphite sketch

New sculptures in progress:

    Have been working on a few sculptures for a while now, and at times it has been a bit like pulling teeth.  Well actually my motivation is very strong and focused at first, but hits a plateau, and....continue reading HERE.

-Feb 7th 2016

clay sculpture of human anatomy, sculpting in oil based clay

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F*Death: White resin cast

    These are some images of the ‘F*Death’ sculpture cast in white, along with a closer look at a couple of images of the silicone sleeve insert...... HERE.

-March 22nd 2016

 human skull art, sculptures of human skulls

New Sculpture: F*Death:

    Here are a few pictures of my latest sculpture entitled ‘F*Death’.  This is a resin cast sculpture with a removable third eye/yonic ‘pleasure sleeve’....read more HERE.

-March 17th 2016

skull art , skull sculpture, human skull art cast in resin, surreal art

*New Video: ‘Primordial Freedom’

       In These Woods, From These Mountains, is the new album by the Norwegian extreme metal band The Wretched End.  Having worked with Samoth, Cosmo, and Nils before on the video for ‘Death by Nature’, it was great to be asked to create another video... continue reading HERE.

-April 12th 2016

 Primordial Freedom extreme metal, Norwegian black metal

The Wretched End: video

    The new album from The Wretched End, entitled In These Woods, From These Mountains, will be released April 22nd 2016.  Had the pleasure to work with the band on another video project for their track Primordial Freedom, which will be out shortly. In the meantime you can read their full press release HERE.

-March 28th 2016

The Wretched End, extreme metal music from Norway

Macro experimentations:


    Have been experimenting with a little hand held macro photography lately. I have always been a fan of details, and it has been really interesting to be able to get close up and take some shots of live insects.  You can view some of my photos HERE.

-April 25th 2016

macro insect photography | jumping spiders macro pics

Primordial Freedom on Vimeo:


    If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Primordial Freedom  video I created for The Wretched End, you should.  It is also now available on my Vimeo channel, which you can watch HERE.

-May 5th 2016

Wretched End Death Primordial Freedom

New Project:


    Have been working on a new project recently, and will be letting you know more info soon. In the mean time, this is a little teaser picture HERE.

-June 11th 2016

Skydiving artist painting the sky in freefall

Summer Sale ->50% off art:


    Summer is finally here! So to celebrate, I wanted to offer a huge 50% off Sale on all Original Prints and Sculptures until July 5th 2016.  Stop by the STORE today and pick up some art work for your home or a friends. This half off sale is on now for 2 weeks only.. so get up on it ... visit HERE..

-June 22nd 2016

Latest macro photos:


    Have been very busy video editing, screen printing, and sculpting these days.  Am close to finishing up a new project and also preparing for an up coming show.  Will be giving you more details shortly.  In the meantime if you do not follow me on Instagram, you can view a few more of my latest macro photographs HERE.

-July 30th 2016

macro insect photography | close up of bugs