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Read all about it...or some of it : Written artist statements :

   As stated in an earlier post, I try not to include huge explanations of my work as to not force the viewer into any preconceptions. Unfortunately,  just having pictures of my work here, with no other explanation seems to be too vague and a bit of a disservice to the viewer and myself.  Some projects such as Fear F*cked series do not fully come across without a back story and a little understanding of the complicated events that surrounded that Norwegian exhibition.  This series and other projects have been published in foreign magazine interviews, some in English, others not.  It maybe wishful thinking to assume that each viewer will read older blog posts and gather all the information from outside sources.  So to make things more cohesive I will be writing some text and adding links to various published articles for further reading.


-June 17th 2015

original video content on vimeo | vedi djokich |

                      Collecting and preserving specimens:

    A few different projects are currently on the go right now and I will be posting more updates shortly.  In the meantime, I have been collecting and preserving various specimens and building a reference collection.  Thought it would be interesting to post some photos of some recent items. You can view the photos HERE and find more images on my Instagram account via the icon above.

-July 21st 2015

osteology, animal skulls and bone detail, rabbit skull

        The Wretched End :  Samoth sessions

    Whenever I reflect on travelling I struggle to pin point what makes the experience great.  Is it the food, history, architecture, people? It really is a combination of everything and they really can’t be separated. What I can say is that it has been 3 years since I left Norway, and it was great to be able to catch up with Samoth from The Wretched End last week.  Always fun to meet up and chat about things in person and discuss ongoing projects.  It was also fun shooting some portrait photos around town.  You can view a few of the pictures HERE .

-Aug 5th 2015

Samoth from Emperor, Zyklon, The Wretched End, extreme black metal
adrenaline artist

Stuff is happening:

    Holy Shit ! Last updated in August..!!  What happened?  Well sometimes things go down between updates like... not having any updates to post, my logic board malfunctioning again and being replaced for free this time (hope it lasts), working on various projects, cleaning some skulls, mold making and casting, living out of a suitcase, talking my way out of being mugged, avoiding a highway collision, getting out of being arrested, recovering from the flu, and editing non stop with no time to shave.  So now that you are all caught up --->  HERE .

-Oct 29th 2015

alcatraz rusty door, macro picture of rust

Art Hack #1 -> DSLR Camera External Power Supply:

   Thought I would share some tips and tricks on the blog every now and again to give you some behind the scenes information on projects and the creative problem solving that is required to complete them.   Whatever creative project I am working on typically begins from scratch, and there are numerous roadblocks along the way that occur during the process.  The challenge is to assess the issue and solve the problem in a timely and creative manner, rather than ignoring it or constantly defaulting to throwing money at it as a quick fix.  This 1st art hack is how I rigged up an old DSLR camera to run off an external power supply.  You can read the article HERE .

-Nov 11th 2015

canon 10d digital camera diy battery hack tutorial

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Holiday Sale -> 25% off :

    With the Holiday season approaching quickly and Black Friday around the corner, I wanted to let everyone know that there will be a huge sale happening in STORE starting today.  So head on over and pick up some art and receive 25% off all Limited Edition hand pulled Screen Prints and Sculptures.  Free international shipping still applies to all prints.  So enjoy the savings, purchase some art, and add some colour to your walls!  Click HERE.

-Nov 24th 2015

screen print art for sale | original hand pulled screen print artist

Dirty Show 17:

    Just wanted to post a quick little update before the year is over.  Recently found out that a few pieces of mine will be on display during next years Dirty Show held in Detroit.  Will be posting some more information soon.  Stay tuned.

**** Click HERE for more information

-Dec 22nd 2015

Dirty show in Detroit | Erotic art festival

Leg Razor: sculpture editions now available in the Store


    The ‘Leg Razor’ sculpture has now been added to the online STORE.   This is an open edition sculpture, cast in resin, available in glossy white. You can view more information HERE

-Jan 3rd 2016

stright razor art surreal sculpture art of straight razor

Lipstick Spray Can: new sculpture

   New sculpture editions available now.  This is an open edition sculpture, cast in stone, and available in 3 colors -> pink, white and black.  For more information click HERE.

-Jan 15th 2016

spray paint graffiti sculpture art